Congratulations Kristin! Another success story.

Congratulations Kristin on a successful presentation, hosting the National Philanthropy Day!!! After a month of skype coaching, she enjoys a celebratory drink with her partner. 

You can read Kristin's testimonial below ...

"This is Brian and I last night after a celebratory cocktail, following my successful presentation at National Philanthropy Day.

"I feel I did quite well, received some good feedback and most importantly (to me, anyway)... I actually wasn't nervous before or during, as I've been in the past. 

"By the day of the event, I had memorized most of the presentation and only had to use my notes a few times. I learned a few things about what I would do differently next time but in short, it was a success! 

"The coaching paid off! I really learned a lot about myself through this process and some areas I will continue working on. Amazingly, the thought of doing another presentation like this does not frighten me the same way any more.

"Thank you for the book, which looks fabulous (so many practical tips) and your lovely words of encouragement. You were such an amazing coach for me."