Reader testimonial - Richard Labaki

"I always brushed aside the notion of addressing large crowds. I believed I could be more effective in one-on-one discussions, which is more aligned with my low-key character. However, the constant requests to deliver lectures at institutes and organizations interested in natural health approaches prompted me to embrace these opportunities. Luckily, I had Rebecca's book to offer practical and field-tested tips. I simply picked the sections that most interested me and began applying the exercises - such as vocal training, proper posture/stance and others. I'm still miles away from delivering "Anthony Robbins" caliber lectures, but I'm certainly getting better at this..."

– Richard Labaki (Holistic Therapist specialized in anti-aging medicine)

Congratulations Kristin! Another success story.

Congratulations Kristin on a successful presentation, hosting the National Philanthropy Day!!! After a month of skype coaching, she enjoys a celebratory drink with her partner. 

You can read Kristin's testimonial below ...

"This is Brian and I last night after a celebratory cocktail, following my successful presentation at National Philanthropy Day.

"I feel I did quite well, received some good feedback and most importantly (to me, anyway)... I actually wasn't nervous before or during, as I've been in the past. 

"By the day of the event, I had memorized most of the presentation and only had to use my notes a few times. I learned a few things about what I would do differently next time but in short, it was a success! 

"The coaching paid off! I really learned a lot about myself through this process and some areas I will continue working on. Amazingly, the thought of doing another presentation like this does not frighten me the same way any more.

"Thank you for the book, which looks fabulous (so many practical tips) and your lovely words of encouragement. You were such an amazing coach for me."


Fact of phony? You be the judge...

I stumbled across this story and yes, it does seem too effortless to be true...BUT...what if? 

What if the power of our mind can have the capability to re-wire itself with a supportive, encouraging source. I've seen miracles happen with speech training, such as the simple, yet effective techniques of i.e. facial and vocal exercises in Presenting 101. Was it in 7 minutes? Well, a lot CAN be achieved in 7 minutes, however practice makes perfect. I have helped people have the confidence, tools and techniques to book major presenting work in just one training session. With the right support and guidance - yes - anything is possible. So you be the this video fact or phony? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

101 ways to become a better public speaker ...

  1. Keep learning.
  2. Breathe.
  3. Think “confidence”.
  4. Prepare.
  5. Practice.
  6. Do Vocal Warm-up’s.
  7. Stand tall.
  8. Shoulders back. Neutral stance.
  9. Dress the part.
  10. Relax. Remove tension.
  11. Facial exercises.
  12. Listen effectively.
  13. Process and respond.
  14. Buy a microphone.
  15. Buy a video camera.
  16. Record and watch/listen to yourself.
  17. Ask others for feedback.
  18. Look for ways to improve.
  19. Learn how to edit.
  20. Create a showreel.
  21. Create a talk-topics book.
  22. Write goals.
  23. Write scripts.
  24. Tell stories.
  25. Create the mood.
  26. Set the stage.
  27. Props?
  28. Play improv.
  29. Imagination.
  30. Give prizes away.
  31. Become emotionally connected.
  32. Smile.
  33. Laugh at yourself.
  34. Get work experience.
  35. Meet people.
  36. Love thy self and thy audience.
  37. Create momentum.
  38. Share secret information…coming up.
  39. Find a mentor.
  40. Mirror your mentors.
  41. Be inspired by others.
  42. Be inspired by life.
  43. Raise your expectations.
  44. Collaborate.
  45. Celebrate your successes.
  46. Be you. Let us see you.
  47. Make mistakes.
  48. Acknowledge mistakes.
  49. Overcome mistakes.
  50. Live with integrity.
  51. See your potential.
  52. Continually invest in your #1 tool - you.
  53. Nourish your strengths.
  54. Stretch your comfort zone.
  55. Ask for help.
  56. Know you can do it.
  57. Eye contact.
  58. Move. Utilise your space.
  59. Express. Get excited.
  60. Get passionate.
  61. Emphasise words.
  62. Pause for suspense.
  63. Be silly.
  64. Connect.
  65. See your audience.
  66. Talk to your audience.
  67. Be in the moment.
  68. Accept going off-script.
  69. Give yourself permission.
  70. Re-invent yourself.
  71. Try it.
  72. Do it.
  73. Got for it.
  74. Encourage others.
  75. Be willing to be uncomfortable.
  76. Embrace fear. It’s your friend.
  77. Trust yourself.
  78. Trust your first instincts.
  79. Act on your impulses.
  80. Invite participation.
  81. Break rules.
  82. Take risks.
  83. Ask questions.
  84. Be curious.
  85. Share an experience.
  86. Share interesting facts.
  87. Share your knowledge.
  88. Read more.
  89. Study the professionals.
  90. Volunteer on community radio.
  91. Find support.
  92. Brainstorm.
  93. Stop thinking and start doing.
  94. Go with it.
  95. Embrace the silence.
  96. Be still. Be grounded.
  97. Create a central message.
  98. Get energetic. Get excited.
  99. See the opportunities.
  100. See the outcome.
  101. Take action.

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