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Bringing the fun back into public speaking.


A dynamic approach of practical exercises, empowering you to find your voice and speak with pure passion.


"Some people say you were either born with the X-factor or not. That you can't teach passion. You know what I say? NONSENSE! 

I had to learn how to be confident. I had to learn how to fall in love with public speaking and it all started with FUN! Let me show you how to say YES to this opportunity of growth - because amazing things will happen in your life, be it career or're going to be awesome! "  Rebecca Rifai - Author

Train your pretty people. Buy in bulk. Save. Earn.

Train your pretty people. Buy in bulk. Save. Earn.

Let's do this! I want a copy. 

Let's do this! I want a copy. 

A powerful tool, this book offers a genuine glimpse into what it takes to do what we do, told from a conversational, encouraging perspective.
— Kevin Lim, Morning Show Host, 99.9 SUN FM
Within these pages are the exercises, techniques and advice that can help you rise to the next levels in your career. Read, learn, master .. lead.
— Rod Maldon, National Assistant Content Director of ZM radio, 91.0 FM
Rebecca’s book provides a step-by-step guide designed to...allow speakers to project their voices with confidence and passion. It’s practical, helpful and highly recommended.
— Rudy Buttignol, President and CEO, BBC Kids and the Knowledge Network
These simple, yet specifically targeted exercises are highly effective and results-driven.
— Natasha Zuvela, Author, The Crocodile Effect
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"As the author of Presenting 101 it is my mission to train young adults and open-minded entrepreneurs, how to bring the fun back into public speaking."

Rebecca Rifai has been a public speaker for...well since forever. Shy at heart, with the desire to be brave and bold, she's worked her way towards a resume longer than both your arms put together. Some of her credentials? The Commonwealth Games, Concours d'Elegance, Virgin Radio, CNBC, Fox, Network 9, etc, etc. She's even guest-starred on the US hit shows, Supernatural, Backstrom, Arrow and Motive! Yeah...she's kind of done a lot in this industry. Now it's your turn - to learn from someone who is a genuine and well-rounded example of everything you can be and oh-so-much more. 


Why the book?

Excellent question!


As Rebecca honed in on her skills, she knew it was important to one day pay if forward. As a BA of Mass Communications graduate and a walking, living, breathing example of someone who knows her stuff, she's kindly crammed as much info into the one book, so you can save your pennies for a rainy day. This is about you getting the most value - a book which will set you off on the right foot, right away. The sky's the limit. 

In the book you'll learn how to:

  • Activate your confidence
  • Be charismatic
  • Strengthen your voice
  • Be "On Your Breath"
  • Think "On Your Feet"
  • Command an audience
  • Not tell really bad jokes
  • Relax, stand, be energetic
  • Develop your imagination and creativity
  • Know and present to your audience
  • Portray excellent body language
  • Speak with conviction
  • Research effectively
  • Create talk topics
  • Strengthen your memorization
  • Use the microphone effectively
  • Understand camera angles
  • Speak to the media
  • Bring out the best of your personality
  • Overcome mistakes, nerves and all the rest of it

AND ...

  • Learn what it takes to STAND OUT in the television, radio and event industries!

Basically (but not so basic) it's a book with loads of fun exercises, tips and tricks to empower you to speak with pure passion. 

"Time and time again, these exercises work! People have booked roles on TV and radio shows from the knowledge gained in Presenting 101. They have felt energized about their public speaking. This is about giving you the tools and confidence to go out into the world and be amazing - believe it."

Calling all entrepreneurs! 

Do you:

  • Own a business?
  • Have access to a social media audience?
  • Coach or educate people?
  • Work for a school, university, talent agency or media outlet?
  • Lead a team of open-minded people? 
  • Conduct workshops, seminars or attend tradeshows?

Buy in Bulk. Save. Earn.

Buy in bulk. Save. Earn

Buy in bulk. Save. Earn

Let's do this! I want a copy. 

Let's do this! I want a copy. 

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YES, I'm ready!